Manifest 7: Teaching & Learning with Notion

Back-to-Back Notion Edu Interviews July 15th-16th, Launching The Notion Coach, and more!

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🔎 In Focus: Teaching & Learning in Notion

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.”
Marshall McLuhan

We’ve seen Notion’s growth explode over the past year, and one community that is growing rapidly is educators. With the energy around cohort based courses and alternative learning models, Notion seems perfectly situated to not only be a tool for knowledge management, but change how we design, plan, and consume educational content.

Notion Edu Sessions

I’m excited for two upcoming events, tentatively called Notion Edu Sessions, where we deep dive on how educators, learning designers, and course creators are using Notion.

In our first session, Serj Hunt and I discussed his Notion system – EduCreator OS – and how Notion is already changing the course creation process (you can watch the replay here). In these next two sessions, we’re exploring two key areas of learning - cohort based courses and targeted workshops.

Though the target audience is educators, the last session dove deep into much broader topics, like knowledge operations, or how to build stronger learning cultures in teams and organizations. Check out the events below and RSVP if you’re interested in attending!

Building Mind Like Water, A GTD Notion Course with Soundarya Balasubramani

Thursday July 15th 3:00 PM (EDT)

Join us as we discuss building a GTD (Getting Things Done) cohort based course with Soundarya Balasubramani! In this live session, I’ll be chatting with Soundarya – who just completed the Maven CBC Bootcamp, and has been building Mind Like Water over the past several months. We’ll chat about the process of both building and teaching a cohort based productivity course in Notion, and takeaways from the Maven program.


Building The Teacher Warriors Workshop in Notion with Dan Greenwald

Friday July 16th 3:00 PM (EDT)

Join us as we discuss using Notion to supercharge teachers' growth!  In this live session, I’ll be chatting with Dan Greenwald – Founder of ThirtyTenZero and the Teacher Warriors workshop, a collaboration between Dan and Dr. Bill Brennan. Dan applies his background in curriculum design in fascinating ways when developing materials for his workshops.


📚 Notion Resources

📝 Notion's Synced Blocks Feature is a Gamechanger

This could be the biggest new feature of 2021 for Notion. In this post, we get to know more about synced blocks, how they work, and share some tips to get the most out of them.


🎥 Intro to Synced Blocks in Notion

In this video, we quickly run through how to create synced blocks, and how to add them into other pages. There are SO many possibilities, this just skims the surface!


📝 Use Notion’s API to Show Tasks in Google Calendar

Notion users have been pining for the API for a while. Notion is incredibly powerful, but in cases where individuals or teams are using different platforms, it hasn’t been possible (or easy) to share information between apps…until now.


🎉 Announcing The Notion Coach

Three months ago, I released my first Notion template, which completely changed my perspective on what tools, strategies and actions are most effective in helping others utilize the full power of Notion. It also made me question a lot about the efficacy of Notion templates, and who they're for.

There are three main reasons I recently launched The Notion Coach:

  1. Coaching fills a critical learning gap

  2. Templates can only take you so far

  3. 1-on-1 learning can be efficient, effective and transformative

The past month of coaching has been amazing; I’ve gotten the chance to connect with Manifest users, entrepreneurs, and growing startups, each with very different objectives. As a thank you for being a Manifest subscriber, I’m opening up discovery calls for the week of July 19th - July 23rd. You can sign up below!


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