Why and how to do more work offline
7 Strategies For Managing Our Time More Effectively
Monthly planning and reflection can be effortless, and immensely powerful.
👋🏼 Welcome new humans! Thanks so much for signup up and/or downloading a Manifest Notion Template; this newsletter shares links and resources to achi…
A Workshop Series to Empower Educators, Kicking Off August 23rd
Back-to-Back Notion Edu Interviews July 15th-16th, Launching The Notion Coach, and more!
Here’s How It Works
Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re leading a meeting, going over how to do “X,” and you get nods that secretly communicate how lost your employees…
Plus Notion API, Notion Edu Event, and Manifest Workshops
The day has finally arrived! For Notion users, the release of their API (application programming interface) has been an eagerly awaited moment.
How Intentional Project Management Can Be Transformative
In Focus: Daily & Weekly Planning & Reflection